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Desciption : The Municipality of Leon was formerly known as Camando which was founded in the year 1730 with Mr. Bernabe Buncag as Gobernadorcillo. In 1866, the town was transformed to Sitio Capan, a vast rice region. Two years after, the town was given the name Leon in honor of the City of Leon in Spain, the place where Fray Agustin Castro, the Parish Priest came from. However, the inhabitants retained their surnames beginning with letter C which was given them through the order of Governor Claveria in 1849, in lasting memory of the former town of Camando.
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Contact Info : (033)3310033
Income Class : 2nd
Total Barangays : 85
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Land Area : 14,020
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Fiesta : Handuraw Festival (41883)
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Zip Code : 5026
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