Governance Assessment Report

Province of BENGUET



Core Components

Financial Administration

01 Qualified or Unqualified COA Opinion
02 Compliance with Full Disclosure Policy
03 GSIS Collection Efficiency (LGU Remittance Obligation)*
03.1 Payment of members' premiums contributions*
03.2 Payment of members' loans*
04 Local revenue collection growth (Average for 3 years)*

Disaster Preparedness

05 National Gawad Kalasag Awardee, OR
Meets the following:
06 Organized LDRRMC**
07 Organized LDRRMO**
08 Presence of Plans- PDPFP, LDRRM Plan, Contingency Plan/Climate Change Action Plan**
09 Early warning system in-place**
10 Evacuation Center management**
11 Search and Rescue Team organized, equipped, and trained**
12 Prepositioning of registration, relief operations, medical and security services
13 Standard Operating Procedures available**

Social Protection

14 Presence of accredited care facility for children, women, PWDs, or senior citizens
15 With licensed LSWDO**
16 Compliance with Accessibility Law**
17 PhilHealth-accredited provincial-run hospital
18 Aligned DepEd LSB Plan and reached target completion rate**
19 Complied Indigenous People Mandatory Representation in the Sanggunian**
20 CSO represented in the Local Development Council**
21 Has implemented social protection-related program*
22 Has an updated Local Code for Children*

Essential Components

Business Friendliness and Competitiveness

23 Finalist on PCCI's Most Business Friendly Award, OR
24 Local economic and investment promotion**
25 Has an updated Local Investment Incentive Code*

Peace and Order

26 Anti-criminality Action Plan adopted**
27 Logistical and financial support provided to local police station
28 Local Peace and Order Council convened**
29 Completed joint LGU-PNP activities**

Environmental Management

30 10-Year Solid Waste Management Plan available
31 Has a ten-year Solid Waste Management Plan**
Note: Legend:

1 Green if not included in NCIP's list of non-compliant LGUs.


2015 - applies 2015 SGLG criteria as assessed in Basis for additional recognition to post LGUs for 2015 SGLG.

2016 - applies upgraded SGLG criteria pursuant to DILG MC 2016-01. Basis for the 2016 SGLG.

*new criteria

**upgraded criteria

  •   - Met the criteria
  •   - Did not meet the criteria